Vulcanica is the first symposium of sculptures in lava stone to Acitrezza. For two weeks, the four sculptors have put spirit and art in their works. Their names: Silvio Marchese and Antonio Portale (sicilians), Goran Cpajak (slav), Toshiko Minamoto (japanese).
The manifestation was on September of 1997 on the beach in front of the islands of the “ciclopi”. Four enormous lava stone blocks have been placed for the sculptors who worked incessantly for two weeks. The final result is visible to all those people who have a walk on Acitrezza's seafront:

1)“Trezza”, the giant body of a woman crossed by the sea waves and a fish (by Antonio Portale).

2)”Mistura”, a cartridge, a mix of passions and torments of the soul (by Toshiko Minamoto).

3)“Pensiero”, the monolith which looks towards the sky (by Silvio Marchese).

4)“I Faraglioni”, a work of abstraction about the islands of the “ciclopi” (by Goran Cpajak).

Walking to Acitrezza it is understandable as the lava stone has got a constant presence in the land of the “ciclopi”. All the sidewalks are made up of lava stone slabs, the old road taking to the Harbour it is paved by basalt blocks that in the past they widely covered Acitrezza.


So-called “lave a cuscino” or pillows are spherical lava blocks that have got these shapes by the cooling and the immediate contact of the lava with the sea, they are visitable to Acitrezza and Acicastello.

Columnar Basalts

We can find that only to Acitrezza, Scotland (the cove of Fingal) and Ireland (the pavement of the giants). These prismatic lava columns like steps at pentagonal or hexagonal section, where usually Pillow put down on them, it is an incredible show of the nature for the people. They can be admired in the port of Acitrezza, but in their majesty on the east side of the Great Rock.

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