La Terra Trema

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Italian title La terra trema (episodio del mare)
Original title La terra trema (episodio del mare)
In France: La terre tremble (Episode de la mer) (Paris, 15.01.52 - 160') - In Germany: Die Erde Bebt (22.03.59 - 160') - In Usa: La Terra trema (1957 - 160')
Year 1948
Duration 160'
Nationality Italy
Gender Drama
Production Ar.Te.As. Film / Universalia
Subject taken from a novel "I Malavoglia" by Giovanni Verga
Comment Luchino Visconti e Antonio Pietrangeli
Screenplay Luchino Visconti e Antonio Pietrangeli
Photograph G.R. Aldo
Music choosed and co-ordinated by Luchino Visconti and Willy Ferrero
Editing Mario Serandrei
Antonio Arcidiacono 'Ntoni
Giuseppe Arcidiacono Cola
Giovanni Greco the grandfather
Nelluccia Giammona Mara
Agnese Giammona Lucia
Nicola Castorina Nicola
Rosario Galvagno don Salvatore
Lorenzo Valastro Lorenzo
Rosa Costanzo Nedda

'Ntoni Valastro (A. Arcidiacono), fed up with fish wholesalers, buys a boat to use with his brothers,mortgaging his own house. The bad luck was against him really soon: a thunderstorm destroys his aspirations of economic indipendence and he has to go back working with the bosses. The dream of a lifetime about a good living is not gone yet in the soul of the fisherman. Visconti uses, for the film, actors strictly choosed in the place, who speak dialect. The reference to the "malavoglia" of Verga is not hidden so much: in "Terra trema" the fishermen fight against their bosses's arrogance,while in "Malavoglia" people fight against the fate, that stop them to have a better life. "La terra trema" must be made up,initially,of three episodes and this one (that we are talking about now)  must be the "episodio del mare". 

We can say that "La terra trema" is the top film about the realism and it made gain a tens of millions of italian lire. Presented to the venetian festival in 1948, it won the international prix "Amleto" of Laurence Olivier.


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