The church of Saint Joseph

As we know, Acitrezza was founded by Prince of Campofiorito who acquired the land in 1672. The first church of Acitrezza was  to S. Joseph, however we do not know when exactly it was built up, it’s only known that the priest was Don Paul Calanna who was nominated chaplain of his church, the 11th September of 1689. When that nomination took place, the church did not have yet the sacraments, in fact this had happened on the 18th September of the 1690 by the blessing of the Vicar Don Francisco Guarrera. For the blessing ceremony was present also Don Andrea Reggio, brother of the prince of Campofiorito, who became bishop of Catania.
The church had a short life due to the earthquake of 1693 that destroyed it and after that it wasn’t rebuilt anylonger.

 Laterally to the Walloon of the Via Feudo (Look at the section Walloon) there was a river, which has been covered and close to it, there are some houses. However, thanks to Father De Maria, we know some interesting informations about the placing of this church. In fact, in May/August of 1908, by the time a digging work in the area was in progress, next to the Walloon of Via Feudo, -to trace the foundations of some new constructions, old walls have been found of variable thickness between 90-60 cm and the bottom of an old water jug; a brick of one of these walls - has been bought by De Maria and added it to his collection. Today in the church of Acitrezza there is a wooden statue of S.Giuseppe, which is taken out on shoulders by the streets of Acitrezza, every year on the 19th March.

Supposed reconstruction of the zone where was placed 
old church of Saint Joseph before the earthquake of 1693 

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