The Marine Reserve

Agency manager: Harbour Office of Catania.
Surface: 659.22
Institution: Decree 7/12/89 - G.U. n. 86 of the 12/04/90

The Reserve comprises the archipelago of the islands of the cyclopses: the Lachea Island, the Longa, the Great Rock, Faraglione in the middle, the small Faraglione and, between the last two, the rocks " du Zu Ianu ", called "Zu Ianu di terra " and " Zu Ianu di fora". The marine flora of the Reserve comprises approximately 300 species of seaweeds pertaining to those red ones, green ones and tawny ones. The oceanic Posidonia and the knotted Cymodocea are also present. Very rich is the ichthyic fauna constituted mostly of Policheti, Mollusc and crustaceans. The depth in front of the island has got sandy nature, thatone near to the Great Rock is made up of gravel, pebbles and sand.

The Reserve is constituted of three restricted zones:

Zone A integral reserve

In that zone is permitted navigation, the access and the pause of bathing and/or sail or addle boats, too, provided the agency manager rules the number and disciplines the pause.

In this zone they are forbidden:

  1. The removal, even partial, and the damaging of geologic and mineral formations as well as the coastal flora;
  2. Fishing, as professional as sport, with any strument practised;
  3. Hunting, the capture, the collection, damaging and generally any activity that can constitute danger and agitation to the animals or vegetables, include putting in strangers species,
  4. The alteration, by any strument, direct or indirect, of the geophysicist atmosphere and the biological and chemistries characteristics of the sea, leaving solid or liquid refusals and, generally, any substance that can modify, also in a momentary way, the characteristics of the marine atmosphere;
  5. The introduction of weapons, explosives, and whatever destructive or catching instrument, leaving toxic or polluting substances;
  6. The activities that can, in any case, bring damage, hindrancing or disturbing to the programs of study and scientific search to be fulfilled into the area;
  7. The dive with or without apparatus of respiration, with exception of those authorized by the agency manager for the purposes of which to the previous letter b).

The zone A is delimited from blinkings buoys.

Zona B general Reserve: 
In this zone they are forbidden:

  1. Any type of professional fishing that has not been authorized by the agency manager before;
  2. Underwater fishing.

They are allowed the bathing, the navigation, the sport fishing only with fishing-line by hand, underwater immersion.

Zone C partial reserve: 
It comprises the residual section of sea inside of the perimetre of the Reserve.
In that zone any kind of professional fishing is prohibited that has not been authorized by the agency manager of the Reserve before. It is allowed any kind of sport fishing, in the limits concurred from the enforced legislation, but the faculty of agency management of the Reserve to supply, in places and about determined periods, limits more restrictive turned to the conservation of the marine natural atmosphere, leaving to the protection and the increase of the biological resources.

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