The Posada

View of the Lachea island from inside of "Casa Merra"

"Casa Merra" in a photo of 1927

A legend wants that the name of Acitrezza comes from "latruzza". 
was she? She was the owner of the old posada that was situated where Acitrezza is placed now. During the night, while the travellers were asleep she stole them. That is the reason why is called "latruzza".
It is very difficult that the name of Acitrezza
draws its origin from this. Something is sure anyway: there was a "posada" maybe older than Acitrezza, it was made at the time when the first church was built. In fact, the Prince of Campofiorito, founding the church in Acitrezza, gave 24 ounces to the church of S.Joseph (the first church) on the 19th december 1690 and as a confidence prove, he gave the gains of the posada(that they were about 50 ounces per annum). 
From the notes of father De Maria(priest from 1884 to 1928) we know that the posada was made up of two rooms on the first floor and two rooms on the ground floor.
Where this old posada was located?
Thanks to De Maria we can certainly say where it was placed. The priest said that it was destroyed and it was located where today there is the small palace called "la casa Merra". That name comes from the nickname of the owner Domenica Fichera called "micia la merra"; who used this building
as posada for long time. Then, the old posada was destroyed but the priest did not know exactly when. He thought when the ownership passed from the prince of Campofiorito to Donato Quattrini and Giovanni Del Monte. According to the priest, probably had disappeared at about the second half of 1800.
Today "la casa merra", maybe the oldest palace in Acitrezza, it remind
s us of that old Posada built in unknown period or, if we want to trust the priest De Maria, in roman period.

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