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The types of fishing practised in Acitrezza are various. The fishing for a long time has been the only strument of economy of Acitrezza’s people, passed from generation to generation still with the ancient techniques even if today it has got a regress respect to the past. As we said, come practised various types of fishing, the most common are:

"Cianciolo": it is a net which is dipped into the sea to make a circular shape and it is closed at the bottom to form a semi sphere; the net is dipped around to the boats equipped of "lampara" (light) to attract the fishes. It is used for the fishing of anchovies, sardines, bogues and Ambers Jack.

A net of " cianciolo "

"Conzi": they are long fishing-line with thousands of hooks covered from the decoys; there are various types of "conzi", one of open sea for the big fishing (tunas and swordfish), others for smaller kind of fish (white breams, groupers, rays, morays, congers).
"A Bulestrici"
: they are nets which have some corks that keep the high part afloat and some leads which make dip the rest forming a barrier. They come used to fish red mullet, red fish of rock, scorpion fish, red scorpion fish.

Boat and nets for the "bulestrici" fishing


"A traino": it is a kind of fishing which are dedicated the amateurs. It is a fishing-line that is alared by motor boat; it is used to fish garfish and fishes that live in surface.

"A polpi": for this particular type of fishing it is used a strange tool. It is made up of a lead with some hooks coupled around it on which come attached some decoys like horse mackerel or Sardines or crab of sea or a foot of hen and they come fixed with a white straw. This fishing is practised in depths quite low.

"A riba": it is a kind of fishing that needs experience; the tools used are the lampara, a mirror and a harpoon that is tied to a long arm. That fishing is practised during the night close to the coast and it is used to fish grouper, Amber Jack, scorpion fish, octopus, etc..

"A buliare": that fishing is practised in the low depths dipping in sea a circular net and the fishermen begins to make noise with the addles and the other struments who have to get the fishes scared entangling them in the net.

Fisherman repairing the nets


"A totani": fishing practised more than a mile from the coast; the fishing-line is attached to a bright tube that it dropped to the depth (350 m.- 600 m.). After that the tube touches the marine depth, it is pulled slowly with a winch and while it attractes the totani, the fishermen dip the "totanara", a tool with a bright tube aswell and a special hook (called "cacocciola") used to catch totani.

"A tonno con la lenza": in the period beetween March-June being useful for the deposition of tuna's eggs in our sea, the fishermen of Acitrezza taking a fishing net, a harpoon and a box of decoys, they go approximately 1/2 mile away from the coast where they dip the net. When the tuna is taken, they pull it in surface and kill it with the harpoon and waiting that the fish is tired so that they can put it on the boat.
The photos have been kindly given from the Association "Stella Marina" of Acitrezza

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