The Parish of "Madonna della Buona Novella"

The Parish of "Santa Maria La Nova" was built the 21st March 1971.This is its history...
At the beginning of ‘900, when it was priest Don Salvatore De Maria, he thought to do something for the families living in northern Acitrezza. So he bought a building site to have a church.
After that, he understood that the space of the building site was not enough.
The priest saw the property of the Scionti's Family in via Scalazza and he sold the last ground to get this new building site, adding some money to the selling of the old ground.

The altar of Madonna in the garden

the church inside

The purchasing of that ground was thanks to the bishop Giuseppe Malandrino the 5th May 1982.
But the building site still was not enough for the necessity of that period so it was abandoned.
In August of 1992, by the Priest Don Salvatore Coco, the ground was cleaned to start the ecclesiastical works. 

picture of Madonna
made by Salvatore Coglitori

Father Pio with Jesus

Unfortuneately these works were made in the winter. So, in 1993, for the winter time, Di Mauro's family lent its  garage to the priest.
In 1994 was made a marquee on the parish ground and, in 1995, was built a building that was sacred furnished.
At the centre of the building there is a picture of the "Madonna della Buona Nuova", made by Salvo Andrea Coglitori, it was blessed the 19th June 1998.
Anyway, it was made so much for this parish but there is still a lot of things to do for it.

The Church in the open

The project of the Church


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