The literary Park of Verga

"Casa del nespolo"

The literary parks of Verga are in two places: Vizzini, Catania. In Acitrezza, exactly on the stairway of Via De Maria where has been opened " la casa del nespolo " of the “Malavoglia”, that it is managed by the association “Fantasticheria”. During the year, there are various manifestations: photographic exhibition, painting, high reliefs, cooking and so on. This year, it was particularly suggestive tasting the typical products of the place, entitled "Una sera a casa dei Malavoglia" (An evening to the Malavoglia’s home). Inside "la casa del nespolo" there are old tools, used from the fishermen for the various type of fishing, some photos took from the film " La terra trema " by Luchino Visconti in 1948 filmed to Acitrezza using like actors, people of the place. Surely, if you come to Acitrezza, you have to visit   "la casa del nespolo". People hopes, as soon as possible, that "la casa del nespolo" becomes a literary park, to give a bigger visibility to the works of Verga.

I Malavoglia - Giovanni Verga

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