The Padellone

Every year, at the end of July, there is the festival of the “fish of Acitrezza”, or as everybody calls it: the “padellone ". A massive frying pan is put on the beach in a beautiful view: behind the island of “ciclopi” and the church of the Saint John the Baptist. Within the “padellone” olive oil is put in the pan and when it’s hot, the fishes are put in it. Then, the chefs are ready to work: crispy fishes are ready to be served to the crowd, who comes from everywhere. It is a delight to see the people appreciate the goodness of the sea of Trezza. When the first portion is eaten the second one is just ready and so on, until that all the fish is gone. The famous “fritto misto” that is a selection of fried fishes is the special meal offered to the crowd who comes every year to try it.
This tradition started at the end of 80’s, this was to show that Acitrezza has not only good fish, but also it is famous for the cooking.
The organizers of the “padellone” have a dream: make a bigger frying pan, because they believe that will improve the flow of foreigners who come to see and try the cooking. This can only happen thanks to the people of Acitrezza and their famous limpid cyclopean sea.


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