Acitrezza by night

Full of young people, Acitrezza by night is become a great place of colours, lights, music and a lot of delicious food. You can find everything you want: pubs, brasseries, coffee shops, restaurants, clubs, pizzerias and so on. A “Marinara” pizza, an iced beer, an ice cream, clubbing and then an almond’s crushed ice drink: a classic night in Acitrezza could be this one. Sure, but, if you want to taste the delights of the sea of Trezza, the restaurants let you try the delicious fruits of sea and the local wine of the mountain which are very tasty. A walk on the seafront, to enjoy the wiew and the coolness, while someone goes for a night swim, a funny tradition. The kiosks are full of people having a glass of seltz with lemon and salt or a warm sandwich fill of anything you wish. Near Acitrezza, you can find a famous summer club busy every night. The fish market is the last show before going to bed. If you want, you can still wait a bit to see the sun rising behind the mythical Faraglioni: a show rare in the world.  Is it possible that all this happens to Acitrezza? Not, it happens more than is written here, try and see.

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