Earthquakes and seaquakes

Seaquake 21 December 1899

Acitrezza – On December 21st  of 1899 a seaquake of great proportion took place in Acitrezza. The fishermen had to pull their boats on the shore, the wind blowed strongly and the waves got so high to fear all citizien. The tremendous impact of the waves which broke up on the Lachea island and the Faraglioni, sounded like a treathening voice which made everybody realize how bad  the weather was like.The fishermen were worried about their boats, some women cried, others prayed. But the sea motion was increasing; it did not know anything about the suffering that it was bringing.

Sea began to invade the houses, someone tried to save his own things, furnitures and animals, but the sea seemed unstoppable. There was someone who put masses in front of the doors of his own house- to try to avoid the sea invasion, but it was all useless: the water went through anyway, without even knocking, taking them with it. The waves had destroyed the lands next to the sea, carried away two boats; it rained heavy, it seemed the end of all. But it couldn’t last forever, the fishermen knew it: “buon tempo e malo tempo non dura tutto il tempo”. the waves began to get smaller while people was already thinking about the reconstructions.

Freely inspired to the story of seaquake of Father De Maria.

Storm of 1972

photo offered by Luigi D' Arrigo

Picture Francesco Maugeri

The storm of 5th January of 1985

The big waves came from the Island and the Faraglioni; the sea was getting bigger transporting the boats of the fishermen on the Via Marina. A coating of white foam, it covered the coast of “urnazza”, it was all unreal, beautiful and frightful. The waves smashed in the veranda of a restaurant situated in front of the sea. Other damages occurred to the boats and things, the marine water covered part of Acitrezza creating a lot of apprehension, but also this terrible storm, it was going down fastly.

Earthquake 11th January 1693

It was on January 11th of 1693, when a tremendous earthquake took place all over the oriental Sicily. Acitrezza had lot of damages: the church of S.Joseph and many other buildings fell down completely. After that the shakes finished there were 17 people dead. The catastrophic event was so bad that people who survived remained deeply impressed. Anyway, the fear did not prevent the “trezzoti”, to start again to live, rebuilding the destroyed houses. To rebuilt some houses, pieces of the destroyed church of S.Joseph were used.

People dead:
1) Didaco Spada
2) Anzonia Spada
3) Maria Cantarella
4) Anna Viscuso
5) Rosa Viscuso
6) Angela Sacco
7) Anna Sacco
8) Agata Sacco
9) Maria Scugo
10) Venerando Scugo
11) Piero Puglisi
12) Carmine Grillo
13) Rosa Cacciola
14) Agata Aquino
15) Anna Aquino
16) Senzia Tammataro
17) Antonia Cunsolo

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