Our Lady of the Great Rock

On the Great Rock of Acitrezza is situated the statue of the "Ausiliatrice Madonna". Thanks to a book of Don Alfio Coco (priest of Acitrezza from 1942 to 1992) we have got news about the placing. Sarino Piazza sculptor of Acitrezza, has been to Massa Carrara to choose the right marble and back to Acitrezza he sculptured it. Between May and July of 1954 they had the authorizations from the Harbour office for the placing of the "Ausiliatrice". The 11 september 1954 The Statue was blessed: a procession started from the church of S.John Baptist to,by boats, the Great Rock, where there was the blessing. There was a boat with a band playing music on it and a plane launching flowers flying around the zone. A great day.
On September of 1994, after fifty years from the blessing, there was celebrated a Mass by the bishop of Acireale. 

Bibliography: Alfio Coco - "50 anni ad Acitrezza",1998

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A bill for the placing of the statue
kindly given by Salvo D'Ambra

Photo kindly offered by AS New Photo

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