The legends of the "Bastione" (Le leggende del Bastione) by the teacher Santo Pellegrino

Santo Pellegrino, ex elementary schoolteacher, poet and writer, lives in Acitrezza. Among his issuing there are:
Acitrezza nella Storia(which are the legends by the side from)
He has received some prizes as:

Premio d'onore "Marco Aurelio"(1991)

Oscar Europeo
(1992) given from the "Accademia Universale G. Marconi" of Rome which is member of.

The golden brooding hen and seven chicks

Old people used to say that inside the "bastione" there was a wonderful golden brooding hen that every night, at midnight, went out followed by seven golden chicks, going around the building. If someone tried to catch them, they went away towards the hills, not going them back anymore. But, the following night the whole family went out from the "bastione" as the usual for a walk around the quarter.

The seven barrels full of golden moneys

In the middle of the old"bastione", says another legend,there were seven barrels full of golden coins, protected by a spell. At midnight, the pavement was opened and there was a wonderful show: a lot of golden shines in the middle of the night. Someone went in to get the coins, but it was impossible for him to get out of the "bastione": he was like stuck to the moneys.
Only when he left the golden, he could get out of there, but he was really dissatisfied because he could not take any money. Then, the pavement got closed. The day after, at midnight, and just like every night this show was repeated.

The legends were written as we listened to them when we were young,from our grandmother Venera, uncle Peppino "pecorella", uncle Aniello and uncle Turi "Tre dita"

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