Touristic Itineraries

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It is fantastic the “walk” on the sea of Trezza, arrived to the seashore, that is exactly in front of the square G.Verga, it possible to meet the fishermen of the place that, for some Liras, carry the tourists on their characteristic rowing boats, to the rocks of the “Ciclopi”. Then, it is beginning the “vacchiata” (crossing): out to the port, you can see the island Lachea, and then the boat crosses the channel between the “Longa” (other rock) and the island; Taking a look on the left is possible to see the so-called rock “Monaco”. The man directs the boat towards the insenature that is “dietro l’isola” (behind the island) and here, the look is towards the beauty of this mix of black and white stones hidden by the island that it seems to be far away from the civilization. The boatman asks to us if we want to continue to see the others mythical rocks; we say yes making a signal with the head. The boatman, then, takes the “Vaccuzza” (Boat) towards the Great Rock. When we arrived to this rock, we drip off cautiously from the boat, helped by the boatman. Here we see a stair that it takes up to the statue of the “Madonna della Madonna Nuova”. Made a short prayer and watched once again the deep blue sea, under of us, we go back on the boat to go to the others “Faraglioni”. Here the sea is rich of fishes that swim continuosly around our boat. The boatman shows us some rocks that they extend from the shore and he says the names: "La testa del Mostro” and “L’Isolotto”. We still would want to continue the "walk" but the stomach begins to make strange noises and then the boat is going to the port...

A fascinated tourist

A TRIP TO ACITREZZA (in the morning)

Arrived to the central public square of the place (public square G. Verga) we notice soon the church of S. John the Baptist, we enter and we are in the main nave. Here, we admire various pictures like the Holy Family; the Saints Ignazio, Domenico and Caterina from Siena; S. Giovanni (by Mancini), the baptism of Jesus Christ. The vault of the church has been frescoed by Sciuto an artist from Aci S. Antonio. The frescoes represent the martyrdom of "S.Giovanni Battista".
Characteristics are the pulpit, the choir and the organ. In the aisle we find the wooden statue of “Madonna della Buona Nuova” and that one of S. Joseph. At the end of the aisle there is the wooden crucifix of Christ and the Madonna. Then, going to the sacramental where are some pictures representatives Parish priestes of Acitrezza. On the left there is a washbasin representing the coat of arms of Ancient Aci. Going out from the church we go up the stairs of the main street and on the left we are in front of the entrance of “La casa del Nespolo”, house of the “Malavoglia” where is the museum of Acitrezza. Going on, we are on “Via Dietro Chiesa”, going to the “bastionello”, admire it, we come down the stairs of the “Via Pantolla” going for a walk on "Lungomare dei Ciclopi". It is a fantastic walk with the alternate look to the Faraglioni and to the bathing that are on the beachs. Then, we go towards the church again taking “Via Provinciale” full of shops where you can have shopping. Arrived newly in the central public square we admire the high relief representing the "Malavoglia". While come down the first shadows of the night, we leave again.

A glad tourist


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