The Decrees

On September 1826. A Decree issued by Francesco I divided in two Communes under the names of Aci Sant' Antonio, and  Aci San Filippo and Catena, Communes of Aci Sant' Antonio and Filippo with their adjacencies including the quarter of Trezza.Click on the image

On September 1828. Based on that Decree, the quarters of Aci Trezza and Ficarazzi, were separated from the Commune of Aci San Filippo and Catena, they were re-united to the Commune of Aci Castello. The decree stated that Acitrezza would have to elect a particular administrator to rule the place under the direct dependencies of the mayor of Acicastello. They were chronological Ferdinando Strano, Salvatore Spina, Giuseppe Spina and Pietro Patanč. In 1867 this office was definitively repealed Click on the image.

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