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1978 - The first carnival of Acitrezza 

(first from right Orazio Greco)

" U Puppu " - the first allegorical wagon realized by Angelo D' Ambra and others trezzoti 

Masks, music, dance, lights. This is the carnival of Acitrezza.
Sunday's carnival begins with the typical lunch: 7 holes maccheroni with sausage gravy, then people go on the roads in order to see the funny masked groups followed by the noisy band playing dizzy rhythms. Then, the dances are opened, in the main public square, with a crazy rhythm until midnight. If Acireale is famous for its allegorical wagons, there is no doubt that Acitrezza is famous for the crowd who dances continuosly at the rhythm of Carioca music. Tuesday is the last day of Carnival. The groups that must parade, together, begin the preparations from the morning to the end of the night. During the years there were the groups that offered to the crowd the local wine of the volcano Etna and every year they even make happy serious people. Carnival closes by the sound of last notes and then everybody go to eat pizza to the typical restaurants in front of the sea. Acitrezza’s Carnival is born at the end of 70’s thanks to Angelo D’Ambra and Orazio Greco who engaged themselves to organize it.

They were the first who had the idea to make go around Acitrezza the allegorical wagons. When they died, Carnival has lost the touch that distinguished it for its spirit.    

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