The Bastion


"Torre dei Faraglioni"

The sea in front of  Acitrezza was watched anciently from two bastions, one said "tower of trizza" and the other one said "tower of the faraglioni". The "Tower of the Trizza" was the bigger one and was used to watch the open sea, the other sitting toward Capo Mulini, was located on top of a hill in the northern area of Acitrezza. Its armament, (May 1798) was made up of five cannons, 45 rolls of gunpowder, 60 iron balls, while in 1839 it was of five cannons, gun carriages and spoons. In 1893 it was used like tank of drinkable water. Today this bastion is not visible anymore.

"Torre dei Faraglioni" (Faraglioni's tower) or "Bastioncello" it is the small one. It is in front of the Faraglioni. It was made up of two floors, today can be visible only the ground floor, where is possible to enter by a small entrance. The armaments (May 1798) it was made up of two cannons, 25 rolls of gunpowder, 18 iron balls, 16 stone balls, while in 1839 it was just a metal cannon and an iron cannon.

The two bastions with "Fortezza del tocco" and "Castello di Aci" and other towers, they made up a coastal bastion against the incursions of the pirates of the ancient Aci, especially against the Arabs. At the beginning of 1900 in the zone next to the Bastioncello, making the diggings for the construction of some houses, it has been found out rhomboidal marble tiles of probable "sicana" origin.


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