The legend of Aci and Galatea

As the first rays of sun touched the magical waters of the Island Lachea, the sweet nymphs jumped outside  with their milky skin. Joyful, they went to the beach.
The charming place received them with its laughing nature. The graceful nymphs played on the river catching each other with glad shouts, but the sweet sounds woke up the attention of the Cyclop Polifemo, inhabitant those places. The gigantic son of Poseidone appeared from the hill. He had an eye in the face, in the middle of the forehead, it provoked a terrible fright in the nymphs, but the Cyclop disappeared
just like he was appeared. Polifemo, lord of the place and minister of Efesto, the God of the fire, worked with the others Cyclopes in his forge, inside the Etna, where they made the lightings for Zeus and wonderful works were created as the armour of Achille. In the following days, Polifemo made his short apparitions again to the nymphs who do not mind of him. He fancies of Galatea and who would not have made it: she was beautiful and sweet as no other creature, when she went around, the nature seemed dancing with her, landlady of those places.

Every day the nymph, after the sunset, she used to leave the beach to go to the reef. There was to wait for her, Aci, shepherd of the place, for whom, the nymph was in love. The young shepherd was son of the God Pan, protector of mounts and the forests.

Aci loved Galatea and she loved him and when the nymph met him, her eyes filled up of joy and the heart was beating so much mixing to the sounds of the nature.

" My Sweet love I’m here, How I could live without you ", said Galatea just arrived there.
When she arrived, Aci repeated to her: " Stay always live with me."
Galatea knew that she was not allowed to move from the royal palace of Poseidone, God of the sea, but she the same comforts his sweetheart: " Every day that the sea will caress this charming beach, I will be with you ".

The two lovers tightened in their love attended the first shadows of the evening that slowly - came down from the hills to the sea and then they were separating each other.

" See you tomorrow, Love", Galatea kept saying going back to the sea of the Lachea’s archipelago.

One day, the joyful games of the nymphs were interrupted from a messenger of Polifemo.
" oh Galatea nymph the great Polifemo wishes that you come with me ", he exclaimed her. The lovely Galatea, surprised, did not have time to open her mouth that the satyr said: " I will take you to his house so that you become his bride".
Galatea started to cry. Then, the nymphs consoled her. Then the sweet nymph still with the tears to the eyes said turned to the satyr: "Go to Polifemo and tell him that I am flattered of his proposal, but I can’t love him because my heart belongs to Aci ".

After this, the nymph let herself go crying: " why, why me, sweet love that you are among the forests, you don't know the torment that is going to be for us ".
When the satyr was arrived with the bad news to the entrance of the cove of Polifemo, the Ciclops heard him of his arrival and he said:
" Tell me satyr, Where is Galatea? "
The satyr afraid of him, he hesitated but he could not do nothing but to tell him everything.
A beastly shout came out from the throat of the terrible Cyclops.
He took the satyr and threw him against the cliff. Full of anger began to beat the fists on the walls of the cove and he broke it. He shaked the mountain.

"Aci, you, insignificant shepherd, steal me the love of Galatea". Cyclops still was full of rage, went to the beach with dangerous intentions.
While Aci and Galatea, they were together as usual and the nymph, still with reddish eyes said everything to her shepherd.
"My love, dry your tears, enough is sad, I swear that neither Polifemo, or other monster will ever be able to separate us". Aci, said these words, tightened the nymph in a tender hug, then Galatea as usual dipped in the water to go away.

While Aci was going to the forest, still thinking to his love, appeared the terrible Polifemo.
The Cyclops blind of jealous took from the ground an enormous stone and he threw it to Aci, killing him. -
The body of the poor shepherd, it was under the stone dead.
As soon as the news reached Galatea, she went where was the body of Aci. When she saw her love, she cried all the tears that she had in her eyes. Her crying had the compassion of the Gods who wanted to attenuate her pain transforming Aci in a beautiful river that comes down from the Etna to end into the beach where the two lovers used to have their meetings usually.

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